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Why should I pay for social media services? Facebook is free!

Yes, Facebook is free but that doesn't mean you should let just anyone post on your page. "Anyone" means interns, business owners, or those who have never had a marketing lesson. The current technology world is ever-changing. This means that staying up-to-date on social media efforts is more important than ever before for your business. Marketing consultants want to help you stay in contact with your clients and they know the best way to do that. Keeping up on your marketing takes constant effort. It means you have to be up-to-date and know best practices, especially for small businesses. Something that small businesses fret about is paying for marketing. This is understandable as they have

Creating Social Media Goals - FREE Goal Template

At Blossom Social Media & Marketing Services, we believe in goals. We think that we should always be reaching for goals, whether that is in our personal lives or for our business. Marketing goals are part of your overall plan to help your business meet budgets, grow your clientbase, increase reach, and creates brand recognition. This is only done through marketing if your plan is carried out effectively. A bigger plan is carried out with smaller goals. When it comes to creating goals for social media, it can seem daunting and you might not even know what this means. Creating goals for your social media pages, and marketing in general, is important to stay on track to meet your overall busine

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