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3 Ways to Grow Your Instagram

When it comes to Instagram, everyone knows that it is essential to have people follow your page. Of course, it is vital to have a rather large number of followers. The word "large" can vary anywhere from 1,000 to 10,0000, depending on what your profile is all about. For example, you might have a niche business that is in one location with no eCommerce opportunities. If that's the case, then your following might be different than that of Nike. It can be tempting to pay for fake profiles to follow your account, but that can come with consequences such as getting your account deleted. We have laid out three essential tips to help you grow your Instagram following. 1. Use hashtags Having hashtag

Why You Should Have Social Media Ads This Holiday

When it comes to the big sale you are having for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, organic social media alone isn't going to cut it. As always, we will tell you that organic social media is essential when building a brand reputation and reliability from users. You are building trust when you have a presence online. But, when you want to reach more than just your followers that's where paid ads come in. Paid ads include advertisements on any social media platform. Perhaps you have been on a website, and then you see an ad on your Facebook for the same site showing you a product you already viewed. That's what we can do for you! We recommend starting with a budget of at least $500 a month for ad

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